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Tasmanian born, Ian Clare started his journey in ceramics as a young boy, joining his parents, both potters, on field trips to gather clay bodies. Ian trained as an apprentice under Japanese master potter, Shigeo Shiga,  learning to wedge clay, and in his last year, to throw. Now, after working across the state of Tasmania, Ian has settled in Cygnet, where he lives and operates his own studio, producing a wide range of domestic work as well as designing and making commissioned work. His work is also held in Public collections across the state as well as many private collections interstate and overseas. 


Ian’s body of work has been strongly influenced by his parents' experiments with high-fired stoneware, his training with Shiga and the Tasmanian coastal environment. Producing mostly domestic ware, Ian is recognised for his beautiful forms with richly coloured, dense glazes.

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